TOUCH!, The Most Eclectic Wardrobe

Touch!, the venue that expresses the eclectic spirit of the contemporary man’s wardrobe with an experimental and international approach, is present at the Medici Pavilion at the fair entrance, creating an ideal line of continuity with L’Altro Uomo and Unconventional. It’s a unique venue for cutting-edge styles.

Thanks to the agreement stipulated between Pitti Immagine and Tokyo Fashion Award, the collections of six up-and-coming Japanese brands which were selected by a prestigious jury, will be on view in the Fortezza at Touch!. The names: Body Song, Children of the Discordance, Digawel, F/CE, Kuon, Soe.

In collaboration with the Japanese label INDUSTYLE, the 4DM concept is introduced into a reworking of the icon knitted blue Blazer by this brand from Veneto. An innovative jersey fabric and the support of Maruwa Textile Industries has led to a new concept of fit based on study of the structure of the human body and how the skin adapts to movement.

Embracing craftsmanship and eclecticism, a contemporary menswear project that focuses on celebrating the union or the overlapping of woven and knitted materials. Sophisticated design, references to street culture for a knitwear collection that is one of its kind.

While T-shirts were making their mark under jackets in the nineties, BePositive was helping to change the role of sneakers in the wardrobe: no longer footwear just for sport, they became an accessory to wear every day, on thousands of different occasions.

From Copenhagen, menswear basics reworked in the light of the most authentic Nordic style. Tradition and contemporaneity, hand-made production and cutting-edge technologies merge to create clothes to be worn every day. All infused with an unmistakable nostalgic accent.

Based in London and on the Devon coast, with its country/city outerwear Lamler targets a new generation of cosmopolitan men. An impeccable combination of true Brit knowhow and relaxed style. Influenced by contemporary art and also by the English landscape with its colours and unpredictable weather, the new collection is designed to accompany all those rainy summer days.

A collection of important pieces. Timeless urban uniform. A unisex formula. This is Raglan United, the new brand made in Florence that offers a selection of contemporary outerwear inspired by nostalgia-free icon pieces from the past. Clean-cut, versatile silhouettes and generous lines meet Italian craftsmanship quality, with total attention to the green aspect.

The Timex Archive project is the expression of the values that have been passed down by Timex in Waterbury, Connecticut from 1854 to date. A concept of the “archive” and "timeless past" drawing on that combination of knowledge and expertise rooted in the research, quality, innovation and style that have always been associated with Timex creations.

The preppy look combines with modern tailoring, bold prints and amusing stories in this collection of swimwear and beach shorts from Thailand. Classic is reinterpreted and mixed with a passion for art: a pool of artists regularly collaborate in creating the prints.

This project is the brainchild of the 11 people at Rare Market and its very name is a declaration of intent: to create a collection of well-made quality garments launched on the global market with a highly competitive price point.

Ermanno Gallamini is a family history which began a few decades ago. In 2013, the brand was born from the idea of Angelo, the artistic director. A total look of high quality tailor-made production, where the best materials exhibit extraordinary workmanship.

A collection of clean but high quality sandals with a strong visual language. Not to ignore was the influence of the footwear aesthetic of the fifties and sixties. Women were often seen wearing casual men´s shirts and masculine sandals in a very cool way. Equivalent to this, LEVIT 02 is a unisex brand – with a lot of inspiration from menswear.