Walk Through #5
A field of flowers

Edition 93
by Maria Giulia Pieroni @LaPieroni_

Wear a flower and everything will be more beautiful!
Whether it is a field of daisies, some giant and peaceful corollas or small and defined designs like those featured on Liberty fabrics, flowers design the ultimate summer 2022 dress – a garden-inspired, bucolic, imaginative one.
Many bouquets mixed together or enhanced by basic accessories, the botanical style always wins.

1.From head to toe, BABY GI
2. Liberty details, COLLÉGIEN
3. Not just daisies, GOLDIE AND ACE
4. Dressed in roses, JAMIKS
5. Liberty print mini-dress and ruffles, LA MARTINICA
6. Just like mom, LANILLA
7. Multi floral print give a touch of color, LAPIN HOUSE
8. Stylized, MIMOOKIDS
9. Tropical style, MINIKID
10.Ton sur ton, MINIMI
11. A field of daisies, NIKOLLI
12. Micro-flowers that bloom and stand out on a light background, PAZ RODRIGUEZ
13. Soft tones so as not to overdo it, SENORITA LEMONIEZ
14. Trench coat to brighten up even the rainy days, SHIRTAPORTER KIDS
15. Romantic details, TWIN&CHIC
16.Multi-colored micro-flowers, URSI