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Edition 16
Flowers say a lot about us also when presented as prints. From one moment to the next, they transmit hidden attitudes, accompany vintage or pop tastes, radiate dynamism, or whisper about romantic dreams. They evoke colors and springtime warmth or pictures inspired by them, like the iconic Botticelli painting. Plus, they reflect a closeness to nature that is more relevant today than ever before. Overlying it all, a floral outfit that is sure to highlight the feminine side of the wearer, as a leitmotif among thousands of proposals.
Roman fashion designer Caterina Gatta starts from the past in her experimentation with shapes and combinations. Designer vintage fabrics, archive models restored to new life, and original textures designed in the studio. This is the basis of a job done with passion and research, combining premium materials from the Como district with unique prints, original motifs, and vintage fabrics designed by Valentino, Gianni Versace, Fausto Sarli, Lancetti, and Pierre Cardin.
Eco-friendly creativity and Made in Italy. The clothes with a strong feminine identity designed by Laura Strambi are made using special, eco-sustainable, natural fabrics that are km 0. Even the entire production cycle is completely local. The idea of this luxury brand with an eco-friendly spirit first took shape in 2012. Ever since, the designer has been creating meticulously tailored outfits that present versatile solutions, which are never predictable, with enhancement provided by innovative materials and unique prints.
A tribute to Luisa Casati, an eccentric noblewoman and art collector from the last century. To her, designer Georgina Chapman dedicates a unique and elegant couture. Evening hours provide the perfect backdrop to her outfits, but since 2020, day & night garments have enriched the collections. With ethereal and chic silhouettes, outfits with delicate floral shades offer a new interpretation of Marchesa’s sophisticated style.
When the world is no longer recognizable, it is reassuring to look at stories that have passed through the centuries like “One Thousand and One Nights”. Behind every tale is a woman, Scheherazade, who puts intelligence and creativity at the service of a cause: saving her country’s women from the madness of the king. Thus, behind the brand’s collections are women, men, and savoir-faire. For them, ennobling every garment with embroidery or artisanal prints is a matter of honor.
The patterns are inspired by nature, the soul, and eco-sustainability. It is the DNA of this beachwear brand born in Brazil with the mission of protecting the oceans and rivers through reforestation. For every bikini sold, a tree is planted in a deforested area in collaboration with an institute dedicated to preserving biodiversity. In order to offer sustainable products with a low environmental impact, Serpentina uses regenerated nylon and promotes manual workmanship.
Bon-ton attitude balanced by layering and plays of contrasts. Delicate prints, exquisite materials, and patterns that evoke memories of faraway places. The mission, to create a collection that overcomes the boundaries of seasons, made up by silk, Made in Italy crafting, embroideries and trim. The 50’s in a metropolitan style.
Precious corollas give shape to Thot jewels. Unique pieces, like mini works of art, are the result of patient work done on ancient filigree brass, which is entrusted to the hands of the very best Italian goldsmiths. Every single object is meant to be worn like a custom-made item. The mix of materials, design, and color is the style that identifies the choices of designer Susanna Lissignoli, daughter of a collector of antique jewelry, who has always been attracted to sparkling stones and vintage materials.