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Edition 16
Beautiful and good have never been so close together. One is almost a requirement for the other, without having to disrupt platonic ideals. From one end is a luxuriously minimal wardrobe, between comfortable volumes and pure textures. From the other end, the need to reevaluate manual workmanship with a durable, yet also ethical, product attentive to the health of people and the planet. It will be a fresh and bright summer based on backgrounds in optical white and cream, and ivory and dust grey. Exquisite, yet free of waste, it combines pure linen canvas with the natural roughness of raffia, and then silk and bio cotton, denim and knits in makò cotton.
Arianna Di Maio dedicates her knitwear collection to women who love to feel at ease with their femininity, without having to sacrifice comfort. The yarns, all Italian in origin, are artisanally transformed through a mix of techniques. Knitwork, crochet hook and flat knitting interact with an experimental weaving technique, conveying a unique and inimitable look to garments.
The luxury beachwear brand beloved by celebrities, Aspiga supports slow fashion through collections of clothes and accessories destined to last over time. A philosophy that focuses on exclusive materials, precise silhouettes, and meticulous details. In the production cycle, only small factories are involved, providing work to the local community. The choice to minimize harm to the planet is present in everything the brand does.
Roman designer with a Bachelor's degree in Musicology and Music Heritage and experience in haute couture, Caterina Moro has transformed her unusual background into a strength, a sensitive pathway of experimental approach. Past aesthetics reinterpreted with the eyes of the present are at the heart of her collections. A well-balanced mix of research onto materials, sartorial elegance and innovation meets up with a love for color and details.
From Brazil, a reality born from the desire for concrete interaction between ecology, fashion and art. The meeting point: sophisticated collections of Vegan, unisex loafers with a sustainable and ethical soul. Organic cotton, the main material used in the upper, is produced by small local farmers and a part of the production is entrusted to socially disadvantaged women.
Minimalist and boyish at times, the style concept transmitted by Eticlò is refined, clean and surprisingly durable. The brand strives to embody the principles of slow fashion through its entrepreneurial philosophy. This translates into well-appointed collections that are coherent in every detail: exclusively natural fibers, eco-friendly dyes, suppliers selected with strict standards, and waste reduced to a minimum.
“IBELIV, is to be Liv”. The play of words is a throwback to the story of an authentic Believer, Liva Ramanandraibe. Originally from Madagascar and fascinated by the standards of French elegance, he proposes to transform shared values into a tool of cultural evolution. Style and design are applied to the Madagascan artisanal tradition of raffia for accessories with an ecological and socially responsible soul. Environmental protection is promoted through reforestation campaigns and by the protection of women workers’ rights.
White is the color of summer, of the sun that caresses the skin without ever being captured. A dialogue that is reflected in billowing boho-chic skirts and crisscross crop tops, sartorial trousers with net lines and luxury lace. These elements are the stylistic calling card of a brand that recently launched its very own bona fide manifesto of sustainability and values.
The easy-chic line designed by Annapurna is made from makò cotton jersey, linen, and silk, and is proposed in a minimal palette. Hyper-simplicity, synthetic design, and soft raw materials, the focus is on linear daywear with sophisticated finishes. A proposal destined also for the youngest consumers: all the pieces, in addition to offering a good quality-price ratio, are comfortable and easy to care for.