New comers at Taste #2
Edition 17
Discover companies making their debut at the Fortezza
Our exploration among the companies debuting at Taste continues. Here are the must-know names, from Estense vinegar to carob bitters and non-alcoholic beer with truffles.
Acetaia Ducale Estense
The Sopraffino Vinegar, a product dating back to the 1500s, is still produced in the historic Estense vinegar cellars. Unlike Modena's balsamic vinegar, it's made by fermenting raw must from red grapes. The Sopraffino and other vinegar come from grapes grown on the company's farm and are made using the exclusive "solera" system, which involves transferring musts and vinegar from higher to lower barrels or from larger to smaller ones.

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Caffè Pe-Fe'
A Viterbo artisanal roastery producing coffee blends in beans, single-dose packets, and capsules, also customizable with the client's brand. The range recently expanded with specialty coffees and products like the dark chocolate "Cremino" filled with Pe-Fè coffee and "Pe-Fè Wrapped beans," coffee beans coated in dark chocolate.

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Alcohol-free Beer & Sparkling for a new drinking culture. In 2019, Italy's first non-alcoholic craft beer was born at the Pfefferlechner brewery in South Tyrol's Alps. Soon after, the "Sparkling Tea," Italy's first sparkling tea, was introduced.

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Patrizi Norcia
From the ancient Nursian tradition of meat processing come Norcia IGP hams (also boneless), cheek lard, and capocollo. "Unico," with its spicy aroma, is the flagship product of this company, working in the Monti Sibillini Park and always dedicated to quality.
Tartufi Le Ife
In Molise's mountains, from ancient woods to the Capracotta facility at over 1,400 meters altitude, precious truffles are processed with spring water and innovative methods, preserving their organoleptic and taste characteristics. The product lines, designed to meet chefs' demands, range from pure truffles to delicious preserves and gourmet combinations with clarified butter, acacia honey, extra virgin olive oil, Modena balsamic vinegar, Himalayan salt, Sicilian salt, and mushrooms.

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This olive leaf and carob liqueur comes from Ragusa's Verso le Origini farm, a descendant of Sicily's long history of bitters and distillates. The ingredient list on a yellowed handwritten paper has passed down the ancient taste of this boldly flavored liqueur.

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