ECOALF, Because There Is No Planet B®
Edition 104
At the Padiglione delle Ghiaia within the Dynamic Attitude section, in line with Pitti Uomo's tradition, Ecoalf's iconic "B" invites the community to inspire change.

With the Lost Colors SS24 collection, dedicated to the Aral Sea, the brand maintains its commitment to water conservation through the development of innovative materials. The Aral Sea, located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is now a desert, with 90 percent of its water vanished due to cotton cultivation.

Taking care of water, the most precious resource on the planet, has always been a primary goal for the brand. With the SS23 collection, the brand has already saved over 17.6 billion liters of water and introduced garments made of pure recycled cotton from post-consumer waste. An Ecoalf recycled cotton T-shirt alone saves 1,084 liters of water. Earth tones are used for garment dyeing to avoid waste and promote the return of clean water to ecosystems.

Ecoalf continues to develop innovative materials to reduce water consumption and prevent marine pollution by removing plastic from the oceans through the Ecoalf Foundation's Upcycling the Oceans project. This is also where you can meet fishermen committed to protecting the oceans. Because There Is No Planet B®.