Edition 105
Place of the event
Sala delle Nazioni Stand C1-3
Date of the event
10.01.2024 12:00
Celebrating New Wave German Design at Pitti Uomo 105. Special project curated by Julian Daynov

Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 (Florence, 9-12 January 2024) is pleased to announce the special project NEUDEUTSCH – a design showcase curated by Julian Daynov – featuring works of a selection of 17 Germany-based creatives.

As a word, NEUDEUTSCH refers to the constant transformation and enrichment of the German language through diverse influences and foreign expressions. 
The showcase, hosted within the fair’s Sala delle Nazioni at the Fortezza da Basso, takes the idea of NEUDEUTSCH as symbolic narrative of the constantly evolving German design aesthetics, influenced by many cultural origins and shaping what new-wave German creativity nowadays illustrates and stands for when it comes to fashion, accessories, interior, objects design.

Curator Julian Daynov, a certified trend scout with a solid background in retail buying, fashion direction and brand management, will bring together a brand mix of established and emerging names influenced by different cultural origins, breaking the cliché of German design being often stamped one-dimensional and purely functional. At Pitti Uomo 105, NEUDEUTSCH will present a menswear-oriented selection of aspirational yet transactional  brands with a scalable retail focus, also reflecting the gender-neutral stance of most of the creatives involved.

Over the last decades, Germany's cosmopolitan cities served as supportive ground for a whole new wave of inventive talent, led and influenced by a whole new generation of artists and artisans, who see Germany as their home and creative base. To me, NEUDEUTSCH reflects this cultural pluralism and channels a line-up of contemporary aesthetes, whose design language is rooted in their originating culture but emerged, flourished and grew onto the German sub-cultural and business landscape.

— Julian Daynov

Already for some time, we've entertained the idea of honoring the new wave of German design and now we have found in Julian a collaborator who is equally involved in the aspirational aspect of design and the business imperatives that brands must navigate within the retail ecosystem, a crucial balance to cater to the interests of our community. Once again, with this special project we want to confirm that German fashion community is not only a loyal contributor to the heritage of Pitti Uomo but also a vital player in its evolving narrative.

— Antonio Cristaudo, Chief Commercial and Development Officer of Pitti Immagine

Brands showcased within the NEUDEUTSCH area:

Acceptance Letter Studio, Avenir, Budde, Equality Perfumes, FRNKOW, Haderlump, Hernán, International Citizen, J’ai mal à la tête, Marke, Muti, New Tendency, NOAM, OBS, Oftt, Sarah Illenberger, Sebastian Herkner.
Buyer, Fashion Director, Trend Analyst, and Brand Scout, Julian Daynov consulted global fashion brands and major retail chains, ensuring they maintain an exciting and aspirational product mix of established designers and promising newcomer labels from around the globe. 

He has frequently collaborated with various brands from lifestyle-related industries, consulting enterprises, and creative collectives on initiating and overseeing all cooperation marketing, retail innovation, and communication strategy units. 
His signature discipline is rooted in the reinvention and refinement of brand identities and the adaption of their products, promotion habits, and tonality to the pulse of current business, consumption patterns, culture, and society. 

In Berlin, where he is based, he runs his own brand strategy office, supporting renowned brands and upcoming talents in trend forecasting, business development, transformation management, and global communication exposure. He teaches Fashion and Brand Marketing and is a regular guest at fashion weeks, celebrated for his distinctive and eclectic personal style. 

As a prominent fashion industry expert and passionate ambassador for revaluating traditional gender ideologies, he has been invited to co-create numerous capsule collections for brands, capturing his signature look and manifesting his personal philosophy on fashion beyond gender constructs.