Stefano Chiassai and Corinna Chiassai present "Velvet Mi Amor"
Edition 105
Place of the event
Unicredit Theatre, Sala della Scherma
Date of the event
10.01.2024 14:30
the book, the collection, and the artistic installation at Pitti Uomo 105

The installation

Mannequins with alien forms glide through the Earth's atmosphere in the starry silence, wrapped in a mysterious material. Dressed in smooth and corduroy velvet clothes, the explorers gracefully land on the ground of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, sparking wonder among humans. The garments' craftsmanship reveals an alien mastery in fashion, with the velvet of the future seemingly reacting to Earth's light in surreal ways. The Velvet Boys arrive at Pitti Uomo, dancing to the rhythm of music and light, bringing a touch of extraterrestrial elegance. The dream-inspired Velvet Mi Amor, an artistic installation that presents the collection conceived by Stefano and Corinna Chiassai at the Spazio Carra of the Fortezza da Basso, is a special project at Pitti Immagine Uomo 105 (Florence, January 9-12, 2024).
Velvet, a timeless material that never goes out of style without ever being in fashion, is an "ancient fabric" rich in history, evolving over centuries with changing uses. Initially lightened for enhanced performance, it later gained technical treatments. Since its introduction to clothing, it has yet to surpass the notion of being associated with classical and baroque contexts - for smooth velvet - or with the sporty world of hunting and fishing, for corduroy. In the collection and book, starting from this concept and their collaboration with Pontoglio 1883 - a leading Italian velvet company for 140 years - the Chiassais have focused on a futuristic vision of the material. A dialogue of shapes and volumes, highlighting versatility through craftsmanship and choosing photographic printing techniques for new "velvet-like illusions." Also, a creative exercise on color rendering and light study, varying in shininess or matte, three-dimensional or flat, depending on angle and intensity. Unlikely combinations of classic tones - burgundy, camel, brown, or rust - are juxtaposed with technicolor shades - fuchsia, acid green, and electric blue. The play on the direction of the cord's cut and the mix of sizes and surfaces breaks the "straight-grain" rules, showcasing the fabric's moldable and 3D aspects.
Focus on velvet as an object of study, analysis, and experimentation, deconstructed and reconstructed in search of functional aspects. The diverse and numerous creative options generated from the same base lead to a style exercise marked by the uniqueness of the garments. A richness of synergies between colors, fabrics, and shapes reveals the extraordinary artistic potential of velvet.
The book Velvet Mi Amor
Velvet takes center stage: Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, father and daughter, share their personal and futuristic interpretation of the most precious fabric in history. Divided into six chapters exploring different project modalities, combinations, and forms, the volume includes a narrative section and a historical part by Stefano Ferri, a renowned Italian writer. The preface is by Giuseppe Angiolini, the introduction is by Andrea Cancellato, with the editing of Marius Hordijk.
A project made possible through a partnership with Pontoglio 1883 and collaboration with Ostinelli Seta, along with over thirty vital and creative Italian companies representing Made in Italy.

Published by Dario Cimorelli
Size 24 x 32.5 cm
320 pages and 400 images
Italian / English edition

On Wednesday, January 10, at 2:30 PM, the book "Velvet Mi Amor" will be presented with a special event at the UniCredit Theatre (Sala della Scherma, Fortezza da Basso).
Corinna Chiassai
Born in 1985, she is a fashion designer and the daughter of an artist. After studying fashion in Milan, between 2008 and 2010, she worked in Como and Milan as a consultant for fashion brands and textile companies. In 2010, she moved to Amsterdam, working as a design manager for a well-known American brand and as a consultant, building an international career. Since 2016, she has been part of Studio Chiassai as a design director, responsible for style consulting projects. She is a co-author of the books CaosOrdinato, RitmoEmotivo, and BlueTailoring with her father Stefano. In 2020, she co-founded TheCube Archive, an exclusive vintage men's fashion archive and creative hub, where she is now curator and art director.

Stefano Chiassai 
A designer, artist, and author, Stefano began in the family business at a young age and, in 1980, created his eponymous brand. In 1985, he founded SCS Studio Chiassai with his wife Alessandra, a style office specializing in luxury brand consulting. In 1987, he brought the brand to Pitti Trend, Pitti Uomo, and Milan Fashion Week. Since 1994, Stefano and his style office have focused on consulting. From the early 2000s, Chiassai designed menswear lines for international brands, blending traditional craftsmanship with new technologies. Since 2009, he has been the designer of the menswear collection for a renowned luxury brand. Over time, he has collected 20,000 vintage garments, now stored in TheCube Archive research hub, which he co-founded. His books include CaosOrdinato (2016) and RitmoEmotivo (2018), both published by Nuova Libra, and BlueTailoring (2020) and Diario di un Lockdown. 8 marzo 2020 - 31 agosto 2021, both published by Silvana Editoriale.

Authors and artistic directors_ Stefano Chiassai // Corinna Chiassai
Texts edited by_ Stefano Ferri
Curated_ Marius Hordijk

Studio Chiassai // TheCube Archive // Pontoglio 1883 // Ostinelli Seta