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Giacomo Santucci
Edition 98
An expert in the luxury market, Giacomo Santucci has worked for numerous brands including Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Helmut Lang, Prada and D&G. Santucci began his career working as an assistant to Salvatore Ferragamo, before landing a senior role at the company.
With a lengthy and illustrious career, Santucci went on to spend 8 years working for Prada as a CEO, overseeing the development of the entire Asian market. More recently, he joined Borsalino as its creative curator, brought on board to relaunch the historical brand. 

With a 2020 role as the chairman of Camera Buyer Italia, Giacomo Santucci picks 10 of his favourite looks.

Pitti Connect Picks:

Versatility is the key to Nanushka, that helps a lot to sell clothes. Day to night, you’re always quite elegant and good looking.
The most beautiful thing about Flavia La Rocca is how really contemporary she is. Not only in her sense of style, but also in the smart choices she made to ensure every piece is comfy for work, sustainable, and easy to wear for everyone. It’s also Made In Italy.
Patchwork is not that easy to style, but as far as I see they are doing an amazing job.
Also, it can be really difficult to work with: you have to choose the right pieces to combine each other perfectly and create a balance. Out of that balance, they made their strength with their own point of view.
Baracuta is always on point, giving us a fresh look, with a pinch of badness behind the fresh faces.
I personally chose the moisturizing hand sanitizer from L10 above all of their accessories. During those times, everyone has one in their pocket. L10 has the capability to make them both fashionable and good looking.
Sustainability, irreverence, a camp aesthetic: breaking boundaries has never been so fashion amongst young designers. 
I love that there are still some designers who aim to make people think by creating collections and a concept, not just a pair of pants.
It is so cool to play with colours and patterns, also including styles and trends from all over the world. The cool kids will love it.
Light fabrics for a progressive, young and fresh look. Loving the way they re-think some pieces of a man’s wardrobe.
Styling a double-breasted blazer with metropolitan elements like a t-shirt and a basketball, really made me think of remixing the formal dna of the brand. And it is not easy, so well done.
Nous Etudions is proof that sustainable can be colourful, cool, and very high fashion.