Sustainable Style Talk
Mr. Nino Cerruti meets Spencer Phipps
A conversation moderated by Luke Leitch
Edition 98
Nino Cerruti talks about sustainability and style with Spencer Phipps, hosted by Vogue editor Luke Leitch for Sustainable Style. A conversation between two very different characters, from two different generations, and with two different concepts of elegance, which attract and repel one another only to find out they are more similar than ever. Luke Leitch guides us to the discovery of the world of Nino Cerruti, founder of the Hitman line in the 1950s and renowned creator of "Casual Chic," the glamorous and luxurious fashion taking over the world and the market with a unique and engaging style; on the other side, the world of Phipps, an emerging brand founded by Spencer Phipps on the ethos of sustainability. From Cerruti's classic DNA to Phipps' sport-formal hybrid,  an unprecedented stylistic match comes out. From the rediscovery of similar personal experiences to a shared attitude in making responsible choices for the future of fashion