Danzainfiera 18

23-25 February 2024
Firenze, Fortezza da Basso
Final Report

Over 18,000 attendees from February 23 to 25 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Ovations for the great étoiles and new talents of "The Gala" show, and a dedication to training. Pitti Immagine focused on renewal and internationalization. CEO Napoleone: "We won our bet and we will do even better"

23 - 25 February
  • visitors
  • dancers to its stages and classrooms
  • buyers
  • journalists
  • teachers
  • national and international bodies
  • schools
  • scholarships
For three days, thanks to Danzainfiera, Florence transformed into the dance capital of Italy and Europe. This inaugural edition by Pitti Immagine srl boasted impressive figures: from February 23 to 25, the Fortezza da Basso welcomed over 18,000 visitors. The event's magnetic slogan "All Beats to Dance" attracted over 9,500 dancers to its stages and classrooms, alongside 480 buyers and more than 100 journalists, giving a sense and scope of the event and marking a change of pace from the past. The future of dance, destined to grace stages across Europe, began at the Fortezza, with 322 teachers and 55 national and international bodies engaging 608 schools and thousands of teenagers aspiring to dance greatness. This 18th edition of Danzainfiera, which awarded over 4,000 scholarships, was particularly aimed at them.

23 - 25 February
  • brands
  • talks within the UniCredit Meeting Area
  • events across classrooms and stages
The event was made possible with the support of UniCredit, the Main Partner of all Pitti Immagine fairs.

Danzainfiera transcended its role as an essential B2B hub – featuring 77 companies with 80 brands, from globally recognized to emerging names in dancewear, accessories, and innovative gear – to emerge as a fully-fledged cultural event. It provided spectacular entertainment through "The Gala," thought-provoking moments with the 24 talks within the UniCredit Meeting Area, and 270 events across classrooms and stages ranging from contests and competitions to workshops and auditions. The activities offered everyone the chance to showcase their skills, engage in meaningful exchanges, and collectively enhance their craft within an expansive educational and international forum.
It was the first time that we organized Danzainfiera entirely on our own. We bet on the goal of being a tool for the growth of dance. The numbers, recorded with a completely new platform and access control system, and the enthusiasm of thousands of dancers and visitors, have proven us right. We will immediately start working on the 2025 edition to make it even more open and rich in opportunities and to to bolster its status as a key commercial platform for the products and services in the industry.


The highlight event of the show was undoubtedly "The Gala," featuring a mix of Italian and international stars alongside rising talents in the Sala della Ronda. Ovations for Daniil Simkin and Nicoletta Manni with her husband Timofej Adrijashenko, who took the stage with highly technical and emotional performances; open applause also for Fresh'N' Clean and for all the other protagonists of an extraordinary evening under the banner of artistic excellence: Luisa Ieluzzi and Danilo Notaro, Erika Zuza and Yari Paolone, and the group of 16 dancers from Aterballetto.
The Gala aimed to fully represent the slogan of the event and a multitude of styles. We managed to bring talented young people alongside great stars: it's the best way to grow new generations. It is essential that young people who want to dance have a space like the event and the Gala. We will focus even more on the youth factor without neglecting the great étoiles.

— FRANCESCO VOLPE, artistic director

Danzainfiera 2024 also opened its doors to choreographers under 35 with 600 Beats, the flash open call launched by Pitti Immagine and EurAsia Dance Project International Network directed by Stefano Fardelli: the initiative was strongly supported by UniCredit, in line with the bank's commitment to supporting the talent and training of the younger generations. The winners of this first edition will be announced in the coming days. Increased focus was placed on continuous learning and development for teachers, a profession where one never stops learning and which saw great Masters like Anna Maria PrinaFranco De Vita, and Raymond Luckens teach to teachers: a constructive exchange between industry professionals, accompanied by institutions like Aidaf Agis, represented by étoile Liliana Cosi, who have been working for years for the proper recognition of the category. Selecting the event's highlights proves challenging, from the overwhelming response to Nicoletta Manni's book launch to the affectionate encounters with Giuseppe Picone and Ramon Agnelli. Noteworthy were the activities by the Accademia Teatro alla Scala and Aula Moma Studios, alongside auditions for productions by the Teatro Sistina, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo, featuring choreographers Billy Mitchell and Rossella Brescia.

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