Danzainfiera 2023

24 - 26 February 2023
Florence, Fortezza da Basso
Final Report
The event featured renowned performers and a perfect blend of novelty and continuity. The auditions and talent searches were a resounding success
After a successful three-day run at the Fortezza da Basso, from February 24-26, 2023, the 17th edition of Danzainfiera has come to a close. With over 24,000 attendees, the festival has exceeded pre-Covid numbers, proving the claim 'All You Need Is Dance' to be true. The event featured 113 exhibitors, 30% more than in 2022, including Italian and international schools, academies, and companies showcasing clothing, footwear, accessories, equipment, and more. Above all, the 'novelty in continuity' formula that characterized the show this year was a hit with the public. It led to a renewed corporate look and team with the collaboration of Pitti Immagine's operational structure.

In these three days, we have breathed energy and enthusiasm. We are delighted with the response that came from the dance world, both in terms of the participation of exhibitors in the Fortezza and the audience of dancers of all ages, who also arrived in large numbers from abroad, from more than 20 countries, to participate in the events, classes, and auditions, with the many special guests and dance stars. Building on these results, Pitti Immagine is committed to growing and improving the attendance experience at the Fortezza, including more advanced and reliable online booking services while maintaining the originality and spirit that have made the festival successful. I will say it again: the many young people we have seen in action these days are the show's most inspiring and valuable resource.

— Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine

The presence of show business stars was a highlight of this year's edition, including Rossella Brescia, Carolyn Smith, Massimo Romeo Piparo, Petra Conti, Francesco Gabriele Frola, the Choros Ballet, Ivan Cottini, and Milly Carlucci. Carlucci attended to launch the first year of collaboration between Danzainfiera and Simone Di Pasquale's Ballando On The Road-L's Academy of Stars. 
"I hope it is a union that will bring us even more talent," said the TV presenter during the three-day Florentine event. And she added: "The common date of birth is a coincidence I knew. It took us 17 years to find each other, but I hope it will be a lasting collaboration."

DanzainFiera showcased a range of dance styles, from classical to contemporary, Afro, hip-hop, and folk, leaving none behind. The event also dedicated space to health, showcasing how dance can serve as a healing method, and highlighted the importance of youth, the primary driver of renewal. The success of Choros Ballet and the "7K - Seven Keys" format with Lala Blhite demonstrated a desire to look to the future, with one eye on the internet and the other on the world of TV series.
Additionally, the Expression International Dance Competition 2023, organized by the I.D.A. International Dance Association was a resounding success, cementing its reputation as Europe's most important dance competition.

As always, Danzainfiera provided ample opportunities for work with over 50 auditions offering real professional prospects for hundreds of young talents. The event was a testament to the fact that dance in Italy is more than expression. It's an economy, art, entertainment, culture, and knowledge, as seen through the various meetings, conventions, and book presentations on the dance system.

The overwhelmingly positive results opened new horizons for the 2024 edition, marking the event's maturity at 18. We're confident that Danzainfiera will continue to surprise and delight its audience in new ways. 

We want to thank Antheo pavimenti per la danza, who provided the flooring for the Sala della Scherma, Koreutica for dressing the Danzainfiera staff.

A special thanks goes to Dansez-Vous for hosting Petra Conti, who performed at the Dif Closing Ceremony and held masterclasses with Eris Nezha.