Fragranze 20

16 - 18 September 2022


Pitti Fragranze 2022 took place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence from September 16-18. The event featured new products from 160 brands, with over 70 percent coming from abroad. Pitti Immagine's research and scouting led to the selection of the best of international perfume houses, skincare lines, and wellness brands, alongside many new names making their debut: the best of artistic perfumery and beauty. The number of visitors at the Stazione Leopolda (1,250 operators, 300 foreign buyers, and more than 200 journalists and influencers) and the feedback collected during the three-day event confirm Fragranze's leadership in a sector that caters to an increasingly demanding premium market. In addition, the quality of the exhibiting companies and the thoughtful calendar of presentations, previews, and talks contributed to significant growth, attracting 13 percent more visitors and 18 percent more Italian buyers than in 2021.


16 - 18 September
    (+13% than 2021)
  • Italian buyers
    (+18% than 2021)
  • International buyers
    (25% of the total)
Here is the ranking of the main markets:
France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and the United States.



Buyers from some of the most important international stores, boutiques, department stores, and online retailers took part in this edition, including:

50 ML (Italy), 7scents (Hungary), Al Garawi (Saudi Arabia), Al Sacro Cuore Antica Profumeria (Italy), Alla Violetta (Italy), Art et Parfum (Italy), Balduina Profumi (Italy), Basic Creme de la Creme (France), Beauty Center Biba (Italy), Bellacosa (Italy), Bertozzini dal 1913 (Italy), Biffi Boutique (Italy), Bonucci Eleonora (Italy), Boudoir 36 (Italy), British Box (Italy), Browns Fashion (United Kingdom), Campomarzio70 (Italy), Carlotta's Beauty Shop (Italy), Cherry (Italy), Crème de la Crème (Lithuania), Classic Parfums (Germany), Comas Perfumeria (Spain), Floris Profumi (Italy), Fortnum & Mason (United Kingdom), Fragrance Gallery (Estonia), Fragrances&Cie (France), Fragranze (Italy), Gabriella Profumi (Italy), Galleria San Federico Profumeria (Italy), Gini Profumeria Naturale (Italy), Glamor Profumeria (Italy), Gold Apple (Russia), Ivoire (France), L'Ò (Italy), La Maison de Parfum (Italy), La Parfumerie Bordelaise (France), Laconicum (Spain), Le Parfum Singulier (France), Le Secret du Marais (Spain), Les Sens de Beaulieu (France), Linda Vuela in Rio (Spain), Lubner (Germany), Luisaviaroma (Italy), Maison de Parfum (Italy), Maison Parfum (Spain), Maitre Parfumeur (Italy), Marina Parfums (Italy), Meroni Andrea Profumeria (Italy), Mirem Profumerie (Italy), Mon Petit Parfum (Italy), Muzio Profumi (Italy), Nadia Perfumeria (Spain), Narciso (Italy), Necessities (Belgium), Netscent (Italy), Nose (France), Odorem (France), Orient House For Trading (Yemen), Osmotheca (Austria), Otro (Portugal), Ottaviano (Italy), Percassi Group (Italy), Profumeria Inglese (Italy), Regia Perfumerias (Spain), San Carlo dal 1973 (Italy), Sens Bar à Parfums (Spain), Sens Unique (France), Skins Cosmetics (The Netherlands), Susi Store (Italy), Thaler (Italy), Tufano (Italy), Twenty Profumeria (Italy), Zagalia Perfum (Russia).

Feedback from some of the buyers:
It was wonderful to see the fair so vibrant. Fragranze has survived tough times in recent years and fully embraced the thrill of being back. We had good business, and there was good energy everywhere. Each of us is here to learn how to be unique in their industry: I came in search of inspiration, of something special. The scouting - we discovered new exciting brands - and the Talk calendar were well balanced: Mane's meeting was engaging, as was the Sense the Senses talk and the presentation on the Rose of Taif. I believe being in Florence, with its culture and art, makes everything even more special. It is also a pleasure to be welcomed by the friendly organization of the fair. I am looking forward to returning for future editions!

— Kathryn Catanzaro, Buyer Fortnum & Mason, London, UK

I really liked this edition of Fragranze: I found it very elegant, with extra attention to detail. Alessandro Gualtieri's presence as a Special Guest was a bonus; congratulations! In addition to the good selection of brands, the international turnout and the topics covered in the Talks were of a high standard as well. I have been participating in Fragranze for twenty years, which is now a fundamental appointment. In the same way niche perfumes are THE perfumes, the fair is selective, artistic, and aiming to convey something special. It's all about emotions.

— Marina Alberghini, Owner Cherry, Rome, Italy

Fragranze evokes a positive feeling: I like the fair's intimate dimension as it allows me to take my time to speak with exhibitors and I really appreciate it. There is a need for inspiration and experience in the field of niche perfumery, so participating in a fair like Fragranze is essential. The lecture by Mane was very interesting and useful to our work: they provided the chance to smell a variety of scents and created one specifically for the event.

— Sophie Creyssac, Owner La Parfumerie Bordelaise, Bordeaux, France

Pitti Fragranze was the first niche fair to be organized. I rarely miss it because I know it is always worth attending. I always look forward to returning to Florence, a magnificent city, as it is a fixed appointment on my schedule. I enjoy exchanging opinions with colleagues and suppliers. Physical contact is critical, and attending is a must. Stazione Leopolda is an excellent location, perfect in terms of location and size. In contrast to other events I have attended, this event has a delightful atmosphere and is ideal for enjoying the scents. I liked what Alessandro Gualtieri created in Florence; he is a great, unique character who knows much about perfumery.

— Francisco Planas, Perfumeria Regia, Barcelona, Spain

It's a much more enjoyable fair than others in the sector since you can take your time to visit the stands and smell the fragrances. It is an excellent opportunity to discover new brands, maintain relationships with those we already collaborate with, and understand how they are evolving. I enjoyed the mix of perfumes, skincare products, and the Talks and events calendar. The educational part makes the fair the most interesting in the sector for me: talking with the noses and discovering the story behind a perfume are some reasons why I participate. Excellent organization and Pitti Connect has been effective and useful to our work.

— Remco Verbooij, Business Development Manager Skins Cosmetics, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

It is our first time participating in Fragranze. As the location is beautiful, intimate, and not too hectic, we were able to visit the fair at the right time. There is a good blend of Italian and international brands, classic and contemporary, and we found some exciting new offerings. The Osmotheque Talk and the installation by Alessandro Gualtieri were both great highlights of the fair. The organization was perfect.

— Akos Pozsgai and Mark Cunningham, Owner 7Scents, Budapest, Hungary

It is the first time that I have participated in Pitti Fragranze. The fair is very fresh and pleasant, its size allows you to take your time visiting, and I appreciate that each stand is the same size. As niche perfumery is becoming more popular, our business is focused on the product and and I'm looking for emotions: what emotions can I offer? In choosing a new perfume, this is what matters to me. As with food, our customers want organic, local brands: when they pick one fragrance over another, they use the same process when selecting food. The fair is also an opportunity to interact with noses, with the creators of perfumes, to get to know them, and gain a better understanding of how we can use new technologies.

— Amir Mouhamadaly, Founder Le Parfum Singulier, Salon-de-Provence, France


Over 200 journalists and media operators attended Pitti Fragranze, following the fair, recording the trends and new ideas, and participating in the events that livened up the Stazione Leopolda and the city.

The main countries of origin were:
Germany, United States, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland.

Here are some of the daily papers, magazines, on-line publications, and TV stations that covered the fair:

Alexperfume (Italy), Ansa (Italy), Bella (Italy), Beauty Prof (Spain), Beauty Scenario (Italy), Bella (Italy), D La Repubblica (Italy), Diva e Donna (Italy), Elle (Italy), Elle (Croatia), Esquire (Spain), Essencional (France), Essenze di Alberto (Italy), Export Magazine (Italy), (Italy), Firenze made in Tuscany (Italy), Flo Magazine (Italy), (Italy), (US), (Czech Republic), Grazia (Italy), Harper's Bazaar (Italy), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Imagine (Italy), Inside Beauty (Germany), Io Donna (Italy), (Germany), Juliezwing (France), La Repubblica (Italy), Marie Claire (Italy), Manotedecoeur (France), Men’s Health (Germany), MF Fashion (Italy), Monocle (UK), QN-Quotidiano Nazionale (Italy), Rai (Italy), Sssinister (Italy), The Perfume Guy (US), Vanity Fair (Italy), Vogue (Italy)


Alessandro Gualtieri - Special Guest of Pitti Fragranze
Known in the sector as The Nose, and the creator of Nasomatto and Orto Parisi, Alessandro Gualtieri was the Special Guest of this edition of Pitti Fragranze. At the Stazione Leopolda he designed the interactive physical experience of THE ALCHEMICAL WALL.

RAW by MANE presents ‘The Rose: Reinventing Iconics’ 
MANE renewed its presence at Pitti Fragranze 20 with another edition of RAW – the show's format dedicated to the most important raw materials in perfumery – presenting a multisensory journey to re-discover the Rose.

L’Osmothèque of Versailles
For the first time at Pitti Fragranze, the Osmothèque, the first historical archive dedicated to perfume, located in Versailles, has presented a talk with a focus on the roses and the scented creations that have turned the spotlight on it.

Sense the Senses.A talk on the 5 senses
Giovanna Zucconi, journalist, writer, and great fragrance enthusiast, coordinated a conversation on the 5 senses with Elena Abbiatici and Tania Gianesin, both sensoriality experts and storytellers.

The Book: Smelling to survive
Giovanna Zucconi also hosted the talk-interview with Bill Hansson, the renowned Swedish neuroethologist who heads the Department of Chemical Ecology at the Max Planck Institute in Jena who is the author of the book "Smelling to survive", published in Italia by Aboca Edizioni.



6 - 28 September
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  • Average session time*
    1' 00''
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*data updated on 28/09/2022


Fragranze has been online on Pitti Connect since September 6 and will remain available to exhibitors, buyers, and journalists until October 29. The results achieved through digital editions are constantly improving. Our data are provisional but already provide a reliable snapshot. In an increasingly international context, Pitti Connect allows all event protagonists to expand contact and business opportunities.



Buyers who logged in:

810 total buyers
573 Italian buyers (71%)
237 International buyers (29%)
The main countries from which the platform was accessed:
Germany, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, US, Ukraine, Lithuania, Holland, Romania, Turkey, UAE, Poland, Belgium, South Korea, Czech Rep., Albania, Australia, China, China-Hong Kong, Israel, Rep. San Marino, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Japan, Moldova, Oman, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Canada, Crazia, Estonia, Finland, French West Indies, Jordan, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Rep. Dem. Congo, South African Rep., Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Vietnam, Yemen.



194 Italian and international journalists and media operators logged in and visited the fair.
Main countries of origin: Germany, Russia, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Austraia, Morocco, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Lithuania, Canada, Moldova, Brazil, Slovenia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Israel. 



Pitti Fragranze 20 also includes intense online editorial and communication activities for promoting the brands and collections on Pitti Connect. Through news and highlights broadcasted online on The Billboard section and relaunched through newsletters and social media accounts, keeping the spotlight on the show and reaching a broad audience.
In total, there were 12 editorial features planned



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77 stories 
23,318 accounts reached
5,037 interactions
3,563 video views 


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5,368 page likes

** from 6 to 27 September