Out of the Blue

The new theme of the summer trade shows interprets this unprecedented historical moment through the most evocative and symbolic of colors
Out of the Blue is the theme/non-theme of these summer editions. Born from an idea by Angelo Figus, curator of the project, Out of the Blue underlines the desire to imagine an open and unconstrained season, inclined to exchanges and new contacts: it becomes, after these unimaginable months, a need and the only possible alternative to any theme. Inspired freely by the sky, the sea, the summer night stars, blue tells the symbolic value of a mystical and reconciling color, which predisposes to listening and dialoguing with others. It is the only one that puts together elegance, informality, experimentation, and capable of unifying all styles. As an immersive experience that connects us to nature and the universe itself, it is a color that transcends time and space—the color of the horizon, the quintessential background for all stories and emotions. An intimate and public color at the same time, which represents the unexpected, the dream, the memory – and for this reason it becomes a window on the world: the one that lives inside us and the one outside, out there.
Pitti Immagine takes on a blue mantle for an extraordinary edition, which is completely digital, exploring and expanding upon the potential opportunities made possible by a completely innovative tool like Pitti Connect. We need a new beginning and a new point of view. Blue is the perfect color for opening up the eyes to a different perspective, which was unthinkable up until a few months ago, but extremely striking thanks to the creative resources that have come into play

— Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine

The choice of Out of the Blue arose from the desire to imagine a fresh, open season without limits, and an aptitude for exchanges and new stimulating contacts. Freely inspired by the sea, the clear sky and the shining stars of summer nights, blue offers us an immersive experience that reconnects us to nature and the universe itself. This color appeared to be the most appropriate for describing a new chapter in the history of fashion that was neither too heavy nor too superficial. From here, we imagined and created an unprecedented campaign of communication. Not just one, but four photographers/artists of international fame, became members of the extensive Pitti family and contributed to creating the images-message most coherent for the shows of this edition, far from every kind of forced aesthetic in search of the right look.

— Angelo Figus, curator of the project

The launching of the “Out of the Blue” campaign kicks off the #PittiBlueChallenge: a hashtag, but also a challenge for the large Pitti community. The invitation, open to all, is to contribute and recount the thousand shades of blue by posting on Instagram your very own photos, ideas and inspirations connected to this color, using the #Pittibluechallenge hashtag.