Extra virgin olive oil, 
Italy's green gold
Edition 17
Extra virgin olive oil has always been an important presence at Taste. The wide variety of companies presented at each edition reflects the centrality of this product on both Italian and foreign tables. As a healthy and essential seasoning, rich in vital nutrients for wellbeing and flavors and aromas that enhance food, extra virgin olive oil is a symbol of Italian-ness. The selection presented at Taste ranges from the offerings of regions traditionally dedicated to olive cultivation to lesser known areas, yet equally capable of capturing taste, quality, and passion in a bottle.
Frantoio di Santa Tea
From Reggello, in Tuscany, comes the oil of Frantoio di Santa Tea, the oldest and still active in Italy (founded in 1426, as inscribed on a stone). Since 1585, it has been managed by the Gonnelli family. The olive groves, located on well-drained soil at an altitude of 400 meters, consist of various Tuscan typical cultivars: Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo. Among the selections are the robust "Fresco di Frantoio," an extra virgin oil from green and black olives, bottled unfiltered, and the sophisticated "Laudemio," with its special flavor.

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Frantoio Muraglia
The Apulia region is an unmissable stop on our southward journey, particularly Andria on the Murgia plateau. Here is where Frantoio Muraglia is based, a fifth-generation company producing an organic Coratina olive oil, a native cultivar rich in polyphenols, handpicked and cold-pressed in a stone mill. Bottles like works of art then encase this precious product. 

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Accademia Olearia
The proximity to the sea characterizes the product of Accademia Olearia, a company in Alghero, northwest Sardinia. Established in 1890, it spans 230 hectares with about 25,000 olive trees, mainly of the Bosana cultivar, complemented by other native and national cultivars. Among the products are extra virgin oils certified with the Sardinia PDO mark, the line of mono cultivars, and the special “Riserva del Produttore” selection. 

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Olearia San Giorgio
 In Calabria, Olearia San Giorgio has been caring for generations for 140 hectares of olive groves, dominated by a native cultivar: the Ottobratica, along with Carolea, Sinopolese, Roggianella, Ciciarello, and Cassanese. The top range of extra virgin oils is Micu 1906, commemorating the company's founder, Domenica Fazari, who started the business in 1940.