Pitti Immagine Uomo 101

11 - 13 January 2022
Florence, Fortezza da Basso
Final report

Beyond all expectations.
From the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, together with Pitti Immagine Bimbo 94, a positive signal has been sent to the country and a message of trust for the fashion system.
We are happy with the way things went at the Fortezza da Basso but this time, I would prefer the professionals to comment on this Pitti Uomo. Firstly, I want to thank the exhibitors who believed in our work and our ability to organize the fair in safety without compromising our consolidated standards of selection and quality. Together with the new collections, they brought great energy and passion. I also thank the Italian and international buyers who decided to travel in this particularly complicated moment and have done so with the right spirit, cautious but determined. And I want to express our gratitude to the many journalists who came to Florence because they did not only report, share stories, and review products. Rather, they were bearers and witnesses of active and communal participation, a positive feeling. Finally, I deeply thank all the people at Pitti who have worked well and hard, our collaborators of all kinds, the display builders, the city services, the restaurants, the hotels, Florence. We all deserved this Pitti.

— Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagin

11 - 13 January
  • buyers
  • total number of visitors
Pitti Immagine Uomo 101 presented 548 menswear collections (almost 30% from abroad), and Pitti Bimbo 94 presented 170 collections. These are the first figures from the two shows at the Fortezza da Basso. At the end of the three days of the fair, the final figures on the turnout of Italian and international buyers confirm the positive feelings: about 4,900 buyers in attendance, about 30% of which from about sixty foreign countries. Adding the other visitors' categories (agents, representatives, suppliers, poress, guests), the total number of visitors is around 8,000.

Specifically, at Pitti Uomo, the top ten foreign countries for the number of buyers in attendance are the following: The Netherlands (138 buyers), France (134), Spain (124), Germany (120), Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, USA, and Russia. Very good results from Northern European countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland for a total of 60 buyers). We reported some quality presences also from China, Japan, South Korea, China - Hong Kong and the UAE.

A series of comments from exhibitors and buyers of the two shows.

Very good. If I didn't know there was a pandemic, I would have said it was practically the regular fair. The stand has been full, we did business as usual, so these were highly positive days, in terms of quantity. Then there was the positivity of the people who came to work, with the desire to do things and a lot of determination. There was a strong will to get out of this situation, and the comments were: "We can't retreat at home or in our shops. We have to be here." We are delighted. We had unexpected international visitors, even some Americans, Northern Europeans. More than anyone, of course, Italians. Still, in my opinion, the signal is that the community of small and medium-sized companies has reconnected with the traditional buyers of Pitti. 

— Claudio Marenzi , HERNO

A very pleasant edition and atmosphere. We joined because we still wanted to be at Pitti Uomo, regardless of the presence of our clients and partners, and we were happily surprised. We have seen a lot of people, even several foreign visitors, from Belgium, The Netherlands, also from France and Spain, fewer from North America. Misinformation on Covid in Italy has played a role. Pitti Uomo is the only worldwide opportunity for the men's luxury sector to meet partners, customers, and distributors. It has been part of our business strategy for some time, and as far as I'm concerned, it will continue to be part of it in the future.

— Andrea Dini, PAUL & SHARK

Our stand has always been full. Although the turnout has inevitably reduced, due to the situation we are experiencing, the visitors have been of the highest quality. We've had all kinds of journalists, from televisions to newspapers. This professional and concrete approach has been very positive. There is a great desire to start over, and Pitti Immagine was right to go ahead with the fair project: it was the right opportunity. I have already confirmed my presence in June.

— Andrea Lardini, Lardini

This edition of Pitti Uomo was certainly above all expectations, and we are super happy to be there. We have to thank the buyers who came and Pitti who believed in it. We have always participated in Pitti Uomo; we attended last June's edition, we never skipped one: 10 days ago, I thought it would have been tough, but it went better than expected.

— Antonio De Matteis, KNT / KIRED

This edition exceeded expectations and was very positive. We had a good footfall, a high-profile national and international clientele. Those who came and attended were here with a very concrete approach. And I would add that we have also finalized very important orders, with important partners, and therefore closed real deals.

— Gianluca Schivalocchi, CARUSO

It was an edition that exceeded expectations. We thought we would have a reduced footfall and, instead, we had 700 people visiting the stand on the first day of the fair alone, so we are very satisfied. We have certainly seen more Italians than foreigners, together with good participation of the press and TV channels. In any case, it is, as always, an excellent showcase of our work.

— Cristina Calori, WP LAVORI IN CORSO / FILSON

Pitti Uomo 101 recorded an interest and presence of buyers and the press that exceeded expectations, especially in terms of quality. Florence launches a message of confidence toward the future, which was not easy to imagine on the eve of the fair. We are a Florence-based brand, and participating in Pitti Uomo is a commitment that we also renew to underline the city's role in the international fashion calendar: it is a privileged observatory on the latest news and demands from the markets.

— Niccolò Ricci, STEFANO RICCI

We found a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, despite the situation going on. We were worried before our arrival, but we found a great desire to return to normalcy. We saw a multifaceted audience, from potential new partners, customers who have rediscovered Marc O’Polo, and contacts that we finalized in person here at the fair. And also a lot of international press. The choice to have a significant space at the fair paid off; we were very pleased with it. We have set ourselves a very important growth goal on international markets for the years to come. Therefore Pitti Uomo represents the platform that best spotlights the uniqueness of a sustainable Scandinavian product presented to a global audience. For us, Pitti is today the starting point in the direction we want to pursue.

— Massimo Francese, MARC O’POLO

Surely, this edition was a restart. There have been fewer international visitors for obvious reasons, but we had a good turnout and met almost all of our Italian customers. The visitors were all business-oriented, and we were very happy with them. We want a selected and professional audience, so we are very satisfied. Pitti is also a beautiful platform in terms of visibility. It certainly allows companies to show their evolution and move towards a near future, hopefully being a little better.

— Nicolas Bargi, SAVE THE DUCK

Given the current challenging situation, it was unthinkable not to participate in this Pitti Uomo. Also not to damage the entire system, which needs to be supported: to save the whole supply chain and share - reducing - the risks for everyone, especially medium and small companies. Pitti is a valuable show with worldwide resonance, and it must be supported so that it continues to be such. It has remained the only important fair in men's fashion: we have always been present in many events, but now it is practically the last bastion and must be safeguarded.

— Roberto Collina, ROBERTO COLLINA

It was our first time at Pitti Uomo, and we found it very dynamic and very positive, especially given the current situation. We met a lot of operators and got positive feedback. It added some human touch that we have missed in the past two years. I think we found great partners, and it has been a very pleasant experience so far. I thought this would be an excellent window for our brand, to give people the chance to see the products, touch and feel their quality, explain the concept behind the brand, and then follow up and close orders in many ways. It was a nice mix of Italian and international visitors, mostly European, but also from the US.

— Ivan Vassilenko, RED SEPTEMBER

E tra i brand protagonisti del progetto speciale S|Style sustainable style

I really loved the this edition of the fair. I’m so happy to have seen a lot of people from all over the world, I think we all needed it. We had quite a lot international visitors, from Europe and also from Japan, so the feedback is very positive. We saw several journalists and media, and some influencers – so it’s good networking. It definitely exceeded expectations. 

— Ksenia Schnaider, KSENIA SCHNAIDER

It was my first time at Pitti Uomo and it was great – it won’t be my last! We had a lot of contacts from shops from all over the world, from France, Belgium, Hong Kong, and of course Italian ones. Pitti Uomo is very helpful for my business, as here I can intercept big stores and menswear buyers that I would not be able to reach otherwise.

— Lancine Koulibaly, UMOJA