Taste 15

26-28 March 2022
Florence, Fortezza da Basso
Final Report

The return of TASTE after two years of forced suspension was greeted with great enthusiasm by the members of the trade and the general public.  
The Pitti Immagine fair that brings together the best of the excellences of taste has been renewed and held for the first time at the Fortezza da Basso.  The new venue proved effective both in terms of safety and event setup, with an itinerary that made buyer-exhibitor relationships easier.
The selection of companies was considered to be of the highest level, and thus was again the strongest part of this year’s Taste show, attracting a growing number of professionals and international buyers.


26 - 28 March
  • Companies
    that presented their products in Fortezza da Basso (+90 than 2019)
  • Companies
    also featured on the Pitti Connect platform
    445 (95%)
  • Products sold at the TASTE Shop
  • FuoridiTASTE events


TASTE 15  saw an increase in the number of industry operators and international buyers, especially foreign visitors, compared to the last edition in 2019. With regard to the reference markets, the best performances were those from France (+46%), United States (+53%), United Kingdom (+28), Netherlands (+66%) and Austria (68%).
There were also very good numbers for Canada, Poland and countries from the Scandinavian area; as well as participation from some delegations from the Far East.

26 - 28 March
  • Members of the trade + visitors
  • total buyers
  • Italian buyers
  • International Buyers
  • Buyers’ countries of origin
With regard to the reference markets, the best performances were those from France (+46%), United States (+53%), United Kingdom (+28), Netherlands (+66%) and Austria (68%).
There were also very good numbers for Canada, Poland and countries from the Scandinavian area; as well as participation from some delegations from the Far East.
Leading the ranking of the first 10 markets in terms of buyer origin was France, followed by United States, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Norway.



TASTE 15 brought buyers from some of the most important specialized shops, distribution companies, department stores, and importers of Italian excellence to the Fortezza da Basso.

Among them: Atlas Gourmet (Spain), Aux Gourmet d’Italie (France), Banon (Israel), Belmond Italia (Italy), Bergdorf Goodman (US), Big Mamma Group (France), Buonsenso (Belgium), Carluccio’s (UK), Cbg Comercial (Spain), Che Fico (US), Ciao Gusto (France), Cibo Divino (US), Cibovinum (Switzerland), Cibreo (Italy), Colmado Singular (Spain), Conad (Italy), Coop Italia (Italy), D. Coluccio & Sons (US), Dallmayr (Germany), De Simoni (Switzerland), Delicario (UK), Dical House (Malta), Digusti (Netherlands), Ditalia (US), Divine Eccellenze (Canada), Divinoil (Sweden), Eataly (Italy), Enoteca Pinchiorri (Italy), Esselunga (Italy), Forever Cheese (US), Fortune Fish & Gourmet (US), Four Seasons Hotel (Italy), Good Mansion Wines (US), Gourmet Studio (Latvia), Great Ciao (US), Gucci Garden (Italy), Guidi Marcello (US), Gustiamo (US), Gusto NL (Netherlands), Il Nuraghe (Germany), Inalca (Italy), Isetan Mitsukoshi Italia (Italy), Itaca Direct (Canada), Italian Products (US), Ivy (Bahrain), J & G (UK), J.L.Lambert (Belgium), Just Gourmet Foods (UK), Kaefer (Germany), L’Idéal Épicerie (France), La Cambuse (France), La Credenza (UK), La Fromagerie (UK), Longino & Cardenal (Italy), Magaras (Singapore), Maisto Gurmanas (Lithuania), Mammafiore (Spain), Manicaretti (US), Maricase (Netherlands), Mercato italiano (Netherlands), Moellans (Sweden), Natoora (UK), Negrini (Spain), Nonna Angela (France), Nord Trade (Norway), Olivo (Finland), Panino Giusto (Italy), Panzer’s (UK), Phiale Wines & Foods (Cyprus), Piedmont Wine Import (US), PWE (Polonia), Rinascente (Italia), Reale & Fantoni (Portogallo), Roberto & Franco (Poland), Saa Godt (Norway), Salento Uk (UK), Salvo 1968 (UK), Santini Foods (US), Selezione Sartorio (Switzerland), Selfridges (UK), Silletti (Netherlands), Smak AV Italia (Norway), Sogno di Pasta (Netherlands), Starhotels (Italy), Sum (France), Sweetly (South Korea), Tasty Ribbon (US), Tenuta Marmorelle (UK), The Caprioli (China – Hong Kong), The Fine Cheese (UK), The Oil Merchant (UK), The Red Beetle (UK), Viani Import (Germany), Viola Imports (US), Whole Foods Market (US), Wilk Delicatessen (Germany), Wisk (UAE), Zest of Italy (Austria).

The BUYERS SELECT online format was a huge success: it included interviews with some of the most important operators who shared with the TASTE community their vision of the future of the food market and their personal picks of made in Italy companies and products.
The names: Gustiamo (US), Viani (Germany), Guidi Marcello (US), J&G(UK), De Simoni (Switzerland), Épicerie l'Idéal (France/Switzerland), Deli Food & Wine (Poland). 

Here is some feedback collected from buyers during the show

I had never been to Taste and I think I will return for every edition. I really liked the location of the Fortezza, spacious and really well organized in addition to being in the heart of the city, so logistically convenient. The exhibitors were all of the highest quality, the fair hosts the best artisans in Italy and I was pleasantly surprised by them. I took part in a Ring with Davide Paolini and was pleased to notice that the event was followed with interest by a lot of people, a sign that the public at the fair was truly focused and from the sector. I couldn’t help being satisfied.

— Riccardo Uleri, president and CEO, LONGINO & CARDENAL (Italy)

I have been taking part in Taste for thirteen years.  The Stazione Leopolda undoubtedly had its charm but I prefer the new location of the Fortezza Da Basso: bigger, more professional and really well organized.  Taste is the best sector fair in Europe, you can’t find such a high level of quality anywhere else.  It is always a pleasure to come back here, to meet the companies with which we already work as well as to create new collaborations. I like not having to plan too much, to be able to freely arrive with my eyes open and allow myself to be won over by the passion I see in these producers each time.  You could feel the great love they have for the work they do.  The organization was excellent as usual and the calendar of FuoriDiTaste events was very interesting: I think that getting the whole city involved is a really important aspect.

— Frank Wilk, Founder, WILK GOURMET GROUP (Germany)

I have been taking part in Taste since the first edition. The fair is an important rendezvous because it reflects a rigid and strict selection just like ours in New York.  At this edition I found a substantial improvement in terms of space because the new location is much bigger and, as a result, there was a greater level of tranquility during the meetings and tastings.  Everything was slightly more relaxed and professional. Managing to make a fair so much bigger while maintaining this level of quality is a real success.

— Beatrice Ughi, founder, GUSTIAMO (New York)

Since 2012, I have been taking part in TASTE, even before starting at Mammafiore. To me, TASTE is like a party you want to attend. The fair is tailored-made to showcase the best of Italian gastronomy, unlike all other events in the sector which, in my opinion, are more dispersed. With the Fortezza Da Basso's new location, the fair has even more room to offer, and, despite its growth, it is still able to retain the charm of the niche it held at the Stazione Leopolda. TASTE represents the top and is an excellent way to discover new realities and their work. Our mission is cultural: we must inform and educate customers about quality, and here I have found only companies that adhere to this philosophy.

— Francesco Emanuele, Sales Manager, MAMMAFIORE (Spain)

My first time at TASTE. We focus on artisanal and quality products, and TASTE has been a very important showcase of local producers and realities that were otherwise difficult to discover. The quality level of the companies is excellent, and I particularly liked that all the stands were the same size: the fair gives everyone the same chance, and the product really speaks for itself. Furthermore, it served as an important opportunity for discussion: it is from the exchange with people that new ideas and new projects are born. I'm very pleased.

— Giulia Scargetta, founder, TASTY RIBBON (New York)

It is the first time that I have attended TASTE. The location is perfect for this type of event: it is very spacious and allows you to respect distances during tastings and meetings. It made me feel safe. I chose to participate in TASTE for two reasons: many of the partners I work with exhibit at the fair, and after a long period of forced video calls and virtual meetings it is nice to be able to see each other again in person. I am also looking for new partners and certainly, the fair represents a great opportunity to meet. TASTE really has an excellent portfolio of companies for our reality, which is looking for products that combine goodness with good presentation and a commitment to sustainability. The pandemic has made us more aware and environmentally conscious consumers.

— Anne Parkkinen, founder, OLIVO COMPANY (Finland)

Taste is a very livable fair with an excellent filter for the quality of its exhibitors and the right quantity of visitors. The location is big and convenient being in the heart of the city (unlike many other sector fairs) and is really well organized. I knew it by name but hadn’t had the chance to take part in it before and I am happy that I have done so. I was expecting niche products, but I didn’t expect to only find niche products. I will definitely return for the next edition.

— Leonardo Parpinel, general manager trading di WISK (Dubai)

It was our first time at TASTE. A truly remarkable location, we were struck by the quality of the exhibitors who represented only niche companies in the world of gastronomy. We, who deal with the export of luxury products, will make it a reference fair! It was an important cultural event because it gave us the perception of what exists in Italy, giving voice to realities that may be small, still unknown, but of the highest quality. Each company is equally showcased, and the product is the star. Also, I believe it is essential to support these initiatives: we are all part of a system, and everyone has a role to play.

— Ramon Addazi e Martina Stoppo, founders,MAGARAS (Singapore)


About 400 journalists and media operators attended TASTE 15. 

The main national and foreign newspapers and periodicals, industry magazines, TV and online newspapers covered the show, recording trends and news, and participating in the events that animated the Fortezza da Basso.

Over 50 international journalists attended, mostly coming from: 
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Peru.

Here are some of the newspapers, magazines, online publications, TV, bloggers and influencers who visited TASTE 15:

ABC (Spain), Agrodolce (Italy), Annabelle Schachmes (France), Ansa (Italy), Artribune (Italy), Bartù (Italy), Condé Nast Traveller Magazine (UK), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Cook – Corriere della Sera (Italy), Die Welt (Germany), Dispensa Magazine (Italy), Dolcesalato (Italy), El Comercio Journal (Peru), Elle (Spain), Exportiamo (Italy), Food&Wine (Italy), Food and Sens (France), Cecile Cau – Sofoodsogood (France), Gusto – La Repubblica (Italy), QN Quotidiano Nazionale (Italy), Julie Zwingelstein (France), Die Zeit (Germany), Gambero Rosso (Italy), Gastronomika – Linkiesta (Italy), La Nazione (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), Corriere Fiorentino (Italy), RAI (Italy), Grande Cucina (Italy), Il Forchettiere (Italy), Il Tirreno (Italy), La Stampa (Italy), Italia 7 (Italy), La Cucina Italiana (Italy), La Freccia (Italy), La Vanguardia (Spain), Mediaset (Italy), Milano Finanza (Italy), Monocle Magazine (UK), Pambianco Magazine (Italy), Panorama (Italy), Pasticceria Internazionale (Italy), Premiata Salumeria Italiana (Italy), Scatti Di Gusto (Italy), Shukan Shincho (Japan), Tuorlo Magazine (Italy), Viaggi del Gusto Magazine (Italy), WITALY Magazine (Italy).

  • TASTE Talks: 3 events focused on the theme of this edition, "ZERO WASTE: don’t waste food, don’t waste the environment".
  • TASTE Rings: 3 talks, presented by journalist and gastronome Davide Paolini, on the most current issues of food culture. 
  • Testo fa TASTE: 6 events focused on books that talk about cooking and new perspectives on the story of food, in the wake of the first edition of TESTO [How to become a book], the new Pitti Immagine event dedicated to contemporary publishing.

Pitti Connect: the great new feature that has conquered immediately exhibitors and buyers

The 15th edition of TASTE was the first to be hosted on Pitti Connect as well.
Launched in 2020, for the summer editions of Pitti Immagine Uomo and Pitti Immagine Bimbo, Connect immediately a key tool to support the activities of exhibitors and buyers.
The same was true of TASTE.
The level of participation exceeded our expectations: over 95% of the exhibitors present at Fortezza da Basso decided to join the online platform as well.
A similarly concrete response came from the buyers: over 3 thousand buyers logged in and browsed Connect, 16% from abroad. This latter fact is significant because it demonstrates how Taste is increasingly becoming an international event.
Lastly, the performances are excellent both for page views and sessions.

7 December - 25 April
  • Accredited operators*
  • Total page views*
  • Visits*
  • Average session time*
    1' 16''
  • Average number of pages consulted per visit*
*data from 7/12/2021 to 28/2/2022

Record Results
TASTE 15 opened on Connect on December 7, 2021 and will remain online until July 29, 2022. 
During this time, which preceded, supported, and extended the experience of the physical show in Fortezza da Basso, we received excellent feedback from our interlocutors. Pitti Connect proved to be a concrete response to the global communication needs of companies, offering tools in line with market demands, and thus establishing itself as an integral part of our entire exhibition system.



Buyers from some of the most important specialized shops, distribution companies, department stores, importers of Italian excellence visited this edition of TASTE on Connect.
Alajmo (Italy), Amico of Egypt (Egypt), Asahi Grant (Japan), Banon (Israel), Belmond Italia (Italy), Beriksson (Sweden), Big Mamma Group (France), Brera Food (Norway), Buono (Hungary), Buonsenso (Belgium), Carluccio’s (UK), Ceesta (Finland), Ciao Gusto (France), Cibovinum (Switzerland), Coin (Italy), Conad (Italy), Coop Italia (Italy), Da Vittorio (Italy), D. Coluccio & Sons (US), Da Giorgio (Spain), Dean & Deluca JP (Japan), Delicario (UK), Dical House (Malta), Ditalia (US), Divine Eccellenze (Canada), Divinoil (Sweden), Dove Tale Collections (Canada), Eataly (Italy), Eataly USA (US), El Corte Ingles (Spain), Enoteca Pinchiorri (Italy), Esselunga (Italy), Eurofood (Luxembourg), Fischer + Trezza (Germany), Forever Cheese (US), Fortune Fish & Gourmet (US), Four Seasons Hotel (Italy), Gabbani (Switzerland), Galeries Lafayette (France), Good Mansion Wines (US), Gourmet Studio (Latvia), Gucci Garden (Italy), Guidi Marcello (US), Gustiamo (US), Gourmet & Food Art (China), Gusto NL (the Netherlands), Hankyu Hanshin (Japan), Harrods (UK), Il Molino (Sweden), Inalca (Italy), Isetan Mitsukoshi Italia (Italy), Itaca Direct (Canada), Ivy (Bahrain), J & G (UK), J.L.Lambert (Belgium), Just Gourmet Foods (UK), L’Amie Paulette (France), La Bussola del Gusto (France), L’Emporio Fine Foods (UK), L’Idéal Épicerie (France), La Cambuse (France), La Credenza (UK), La Fromagerie (UK), La Scoperta (Belgium), Longino&Cardenal (Italy), Lugano Fine Foods (Canada), Magaras (Singapore), Manicaretti (US), Maricase (the Netherlands), Mercato italiano (the Netherlands), Mercury - Tsum (Russia), Natoora (UK), Negrini (Spain), Neuenschwanderag (Switzerland), Nonna Angela (France), Nord Trade (Norway), Nur Gutes (Germany), Olivo (Finland), Panino Giusto (Italy), Panzer&s (UK), Phiale Wines & Foods (Ciprus), Piedmont Wine Import (US), PWE (Poland), QB Food Trading (Singapore), R2M (Israel), Raineri (Belgium), Reale & Fantoni (Portugal), Ritex Gourmet (Poland), Roberto & Franco (Poland), Romina Food (Germany), Saa Godt (Norway), Salvo 1968 (UK), Santini Foods (US), Savello USA (US), Selezione Sartorio (Switzerland), Selfridges (UK), Sensodivino (Luxembourg), Silletti (the Netherlands), Smak AV Italia (Norway), Sogno di Pasta (the Netherlands), Starhotels (Italy), Sum (France), Sweetly (South Korea), Tasty Ribbon (US), Tenuta Marmorelle (UK), The Caprioli (China – Hong Kong), The Oil Merchant (UK), The Red Beetle (UK), Uzupio Krautuve (Lithuania), Viani Import (Germany), Viola Imports (US), Wilk Delicatessen (Germany), Wisk (UAE), Zest of Italy (Austria).


Buyers who logged in on Pitti Connect:

3,197 total buyers
2,691 Italian buyers (84.2%)
506 International buyers (15.8%)

The main countries from which buyers logged in: Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Japan, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, Singapore, Ukraine, Australia, China, China-Hong Kong.



Here are some of the newspapers, magazines, online publications and TV channels that visited TASTE 15 online:
Ansa (Italy), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Cucina Moderna (Italy), Dispensa Magazine (Italy), Elle (Italy), Excellence Magazine (Italy), Fermento Birra Magazine (Italy), Food&Wine (Italy), Gambero Rosso (Italy), Gastronomika - Linkiesta (Italy), Gazzetta di Mantova (Italy), Gentleman (Italy), Gustando Magazine (Italy), Huffington Post (Italy), I Grandi Vini (Italy), Icon (Italy), Il Forchettiere (Italy), Il Messaggero (Italy), Il Pasticcere (Italy), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Il Tirreno (Italy), Italia a Tavola (Italy), La Nazione (Italy), La Cucina Italiana (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), La Sicilia (Italy), La Vanguardia (Spain), L'Espresso (Italy), Mediaset (Italy), Monocle Magazine (UK), Milano Finanza (Italy), Pambianco (Italy), Pasticceria Internazionale (Italy), Premiata Salumeria Italiana (Italy), QN Quotidiano Nazionale (Italy), RAI (Italy), Repubblica.it (Italy), Scattidigusto (Italy), Spend In (Spain), T Magazine (USA), Viaggi del Gusto Magazine (Italy), Vogue (Italy), Wine News (Italy).

407 Italian and international journalists and media operators logged in to visit the fair.
Main countries of origin: Germany, Spain, United States, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Montenegro, Peru, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden.



In addition to the physical show, Pitti Connect presented a rich editorial program of special projects, exclusive formats and events that were featured online on The Billboard. This carefully curated content was also relaunched through 30 newsletters and social media.
On Instagram, 131 posts and 376 stories were published, reaching 2,400,000 contacts and over 3,600 followers. A total of 171 posts were published on Facebook, where the fanbase increased by 11% to exceed 11,300 followers. In this way, we have increased the visibility of TASTE companies and their products.

Here are some of the editorial series that went online that helped to promote the names of TASTE exhibitors.
  • “A FOOD-SHOPPING PRIMER – Words for storing away in your Pantry”: six episodes for as many words that make up a new vademecum for shopping, in collaboration with the bookazine “Dispensa” and with its founder, Martina Liverani, gastronomist and food curator.
  • Buyers Select: the editorial staff of the “Food & Wine Italia” magazine, headed by Federico De Cesare Viola, curated 7 interviews with Italian and international protagonists of food retail.
  • TASTE by Tuorlo: at this edition the digital magazine “Tuorlo” followed the events scheduled in the Fortezza during the three days of the event, creating interesting video reports and interviews with the protagonists.