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Launching the third call of “Rinascimento Firenze” for helping companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry get started again


Grants and impact loans from Fondazione CR Firenze and Intesa Sanpaolo The Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana will be the implementing body

The third call of the “Rinascimento Firenze” project, devised and organized by Fondazione CR Firenze and Intesa Sanpaolo is aimed at companies in the Fashion and Lifestyle production chain. 
This intervention will support the recovery of the industry with € 3 million of non re-payable grants, distributed by the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana acting as the implementing body, while Intesa Sanpaolo is making available impact loans at subsidized rates and without guarantees, for a total of € 15 million

The call is directed towards economic activities that stand out for the high quality of their production, their ability to be present on top international markets and which represent historically identifying productions and activities. 

The necessary requisites include: having an operational headquarters within the territories of the Metropolitan City of Florence, employing at least five people and having suffered a decrease in their 2020 turnover of at least 25 % due to Covid-19. 

The call is aimed at activities connected to the following sectors: textiles industry, garment making, the manufacturing of articles in leather or similar, the production of perfumes and cosmetics as well as jewelry and goldsmith’s items in addition to specialized design activities.

Interventions involving the relaunch, reorganization, implementation of their own activities and the recalling of employees from furlough, the stabilizing of employment contracts and the hiring of new staff are permitted.

The resources requested will go towards supporting projects to be implemented within a period of a maximum of 18 months.  Beneficiaries will be requested to make a co-investment of an amount equal to 50% of the grant which ranges from a minimum of € 20,000 to a maximum of € 100,000.
The impact loan distributed by Intesa Sanpaolo can multiply the amount of the grant up to five times at a subsidized rate (duration 10 years, without guarantees, 0.4% nominal annual interest rate) with single transaction payment upon the expiry of the loan and reimbursement in two instalments: 40% in the 5th year and the remaining 60% in the 10th year). 

Applications can be made from 28 December exclusively online on the portal  inside which it is possible to also find all the information about the call.  The deadline is 8 February 2021.