Pitti Reflections

the new theme of the winter shows

PITTI REFLECTIONS is the new theme of the next Pitti Immagine fairs: the leitmotif of the Fortezza da Basso and Stazione Leopolda installations, created under the creative direction of Angelo Figus in collaboration with Alessandro Moradei, and the creative impulse behind the advertising campaign shot by the Narènte duo in a high-impact photographic set. 

“With its dual meaning of mirroring surface and the mental process of thinking, analyzing and elaborating, REFLECTIONS embodies the desire to question ourselves, to go in search of what has to be yet revealed,” explains Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine. “After all, the mirror is our alter ego: it is an instrument of investigation through which we can scrutinize ourselves, our image, and the world around us.”

The concept of the advertising campaign

Refractions, reflections, impressions, mirror images, sometimes corresponding, sometimes not. A mirror game that seems accurate, but it is not, as it doubles, splits, adds, amplifies, escapes, and suggests different angles, offering lateral views.
The mirror as a theme of the double, of recognizing oneself, one's own identity as well as other people's, a contradictory sign that reports reality but is also deceit, illusion, alteration, vanity, narcissism, voyeurism, evasion. These are the impressions  conceived by the creative director Angelo Figus  and pursued in the shots and in the video made by Lucio Aru and Franco Erre, aka Narente (in Sardinian dialect, a narrating person), a creative couple split between Berlin and Sardinia. And it is precisely on their wonderful land that they have brought PITTI REFLECTIONS to life, together with a team of people who, after various international experiences, have chosen to return to Sardinia to express their creative potential and explore that of the island. A vision starting from the search for faces, the human factor, the exploration of people and their identities, blending casting, styling, location, filming.

Pitti Immagine
Uomo 101

Pitti Immagine
Bimbo 94

Pitti Immagine
Filati 90

The installation at the Fortezza da Basso and the Stazione Leopolda

Lots of mirrors to open up the spaces, creating dynamism in the exhibition paths.
PITTI REFLECTIONS, will cover the Fortezza da Basso and the Stazione Leopolda with many reflective surfaces, in various forms, ready to catch the eye and mark different contexts. “We want to open new windows on reflected worlds, play with the real, with the virtual dimensions, overturn the sky and the earth, offer a kinetic vision of being in Florence,” explains the creative director Angelo Figus. 
The reflected image is assembled and re-assembled into a sum of splinters suggesting multiple visions, deformations, as in the mirror houses of amusement parks. Windows that cut and open on unexpected views. Often random images that remind us of the mirroring surfaces of the urban world, shop windows that prompt quick questions about how we see ourselves, how others see us, the actual image and the mental image, which are almost never the same.