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Edition 16
Day’n’Nite, like the song that made rapper Kid Cudi famous, or Night and Day as romantically sung by Sinatra. “Non-stop” expressions that are the equal of versatile outfits, ready to challenge the concept of hours. With accomplices like the addition of a jewel, a change in shoes, or a simple touch of lipstick, making the seamless transition from day to night and vice versa is no longer unlikely. On the shoulders, a wardrobe of all-purpose items, but also transformative and not necessarily basic items. A skintight blazer, a slim fit suit, an off-white shirt. Plus, a sheath dress in technical fabric and high-tech sneakers, a sartorial trench coat, and the whimsy of an eco-fur jacket. Because removing, adding on, and combining is almost like creating.
The white shirt becomes an exercise in style with expressions that multiply the silhouettes, which are first minimal, then baroque, with unexpected elements. Balossa defines its collection as easy chic, with a design dedicated to contemporary women. The items play around with consistencies and volumes, while allowing for glimpses of the solid experience of Indra Kaffemanaite, Lithuanian designer educated at the Accademia Carlo Secoli in Milan. Among the collaborations are names like Iceberg and Giambattista Valli.
A contemporary collection with the ambition to be timeless and fully respectful of the environment, as the ever-present mission of the brand. It is precisely nature to inspire Cherry Blossom Spirit for the SS21 season. Four families of colors - rosé, turquoise, burgundy and brick red – create perfect equilibriums with ivory and cream. Sartorial jackets, soft clothes, silk blouses for an elegant and sustainable wardrobe, suited to every occasion.
From her small Atelier in Naviglio Grande, Milan, Carmelina Raco creates tailor-made suits for the working women of today and tomorrow: dynamic and committed, practical and ambitious, like Melanie Griffith in the film of Nichols. The starting point, constructions of the men’s high range tailoring. With extreme creative freedom, the designer deconstructs men’s jackets freeing them from classic patterns. In the search for a new equilibrium of shapes and codes, the suit comes to life in a way that is often surprising.
Irony and sophistication veined by vintage touches. This is the DNA of the brand founded in 2015 by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, new talents on the contemporary fashion scene. The creative duo has gotten us used to reflecting on the right volumes and lengths for creating outfits that are perfectly agender. Geometric sobriety characterizes a wardrobe in pure day & night style. Standing out in particular, the Face T-shirt.
Minimalist and sometimes even boyish, the style concept conveyed by Eticlò is refined, clean and surprisingly durable. The brand proposes to embody the principles of slow fashion through an entrepreneurial philosophy. This translates into collections that are meticulous and coherent in every detail: exclusively natural fibers, eco-friendly dyes, a strict selection of suppliers, and waste reduced to a minimum.
Alice in Wonderland has grown up. Now she is wearing vertiginous satin stiletto heels with sassy details, which include rabbit ears popping up from behind the ankle. This is the hallmark of the new collection by Francesca Bellavita, a young and talented designer from Bergamo. Together with the Bunny Collection, there is also Marshmellow: must-have sandals in leather-covered foam rubber, proposed also in a flat version.
The blazer with padded shoulder pads is the key piece of the new SS21 collection. The sartorial cut and the conservative and basic silhouettes are the distinguishing traits of the brand launched in London in 2010 by siblings Giulia and Aldo Acchiardi. A solid family tradition in the world of textiles, made contemporary by international experiences matured with brands like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.
An ultra-feminine collection, oriented towards sports performance and leisure time. Launched around the world for SS21, it blends Marchesa aesthetics with technical processing, design, and the performance of an advanced activewear line. Designed for all kinds of training, it adapts with style to different contexts: from the office to the park, from the gym to the pool. The collection is characterized by Signature details like relief luxury fabrics, romantic silhouettes and embroideries.
MIKYRI is a fashion design project born from a determined vocation for change. At the heart of it, an inventive energy proud to express itself, which is also anchored with awareness in the excellence of quality, style, and design. A matrix that declares itself as clearly connected to the most authentic Made in Italy. With the conviction that the great value of Italian manufacturing history is the cornerstone of a future rich in expectations.
The name was chosen by stylist Alessandro Onori, inventor of this young no-gender project. Behind Wayeröb is the sound of the word voyeur that recalls the slightly perverse world of a certain kind of underwear, but also the French term robe that means dress and the English world way that indicates a way of life.
Renewable, natural, and long-lasting. For Yves Salomon, fur is the sustainable material par excellence, perfectly compatible with a circular economy. The combinations of materials are the focus of the new collections: matching fur with other noble materials like sheepskin, leather, and cashmere renews a look with a timeless appeal. The line of knitwear focuses on sensual and flared silhouettes for lengthy garments, évasé capes and sophisticated chromatic compositions.