UniCredit S.p.A. My Pitti
Walk Through
Edition 16
Tribal rhythms and exoticism. Transparencies, small flashes and the rustle of impalpable textures. It is a solid combination of ambiguities, suspended between glamour and folklore, between ethno-chic style and artisanal tradition. A trip to India with a stop along the way in Ibiza? Maybe even a stopover in Goa, the ideal destination for complete light heartedness and for Resort collections that are never commonplace. To spend the summer in Stromboli or the winter in the Tropics like a sophisticated it-girl at Coachella. Hippie prints on delicate tunics, accessories in handwoven leather and raffia, slippers of a modern Scheherazade. Wearing clothes with a story to tell. Or to invent. 
From South America, a high impact Resort proposal. A passion for color is expressed with prints in vibrant tones. The design is sophisticated and the materials exquisite. The new collection, which alternates glam touches and a Boho-chic style, is made up by handmade clothes proposed in small quantities. One sole desire: to be unique, on a tropical beach or at the poolside. 
Collections interwoven with iconic atmospheres, cinematographic citations and reflections on new cults. Premium fabrics, timeless garments and naïve prints inhabit a wardrobe with Venice in its DNA. The Season of Desire is a collection dominated by prints: dreamlike when inspired by pictorial works, geometric, as in the case of the gondola’s iron prow-head that becomes a pattern.
Giuli, Clara Rosa, Chloe, and Lucrezia. Women’s names star in the luxury sandals created by Ingrid Incisa di Camerana. The designer’s dearest female friends lend their identities to the collection. If colors and shapes evoke the Mediterranean dream, the design is inspired by the stylist’s collection of personal jewels who, born to a noble Italian family, soon became a citizen of the world. 
A universe made up by passion and tradition is the one where Juarez Camacho forges his idea of leather accessories. Now, more than ever before, the new collection faithfully reflects the South American mood and tradition of Mexican craftsmanship. Leather, wool, metal, and wood: antique and valuable materials which when combined create unique pieces, destined to last over time.
Jewels like precious allies to style. Processed by hand, with unique details. Pearls, crystals, and charms, in golden and silver metal. The design is vintage with Eighties-styled touches. Behind these creations is the talented duo Giampaolo Pastro and Alessia Novelli, inventors of the iconic anchor bracelet Love Boat, with registered design. From Kate Moss to Chiara Ferragni, the brand has many admirers.  
Hairbands and headbands with a vintage or ethnic-chic style. Made in India, they are perfect for making even the most minimalist outfit special. Flowers and animals stand out on blues, ochre tones, and dark greens. Exquisite artisanal appliqués light up silk in a combination of sophistication and divertissement.  
A Made in Brazil beachwear collection with a dual soul. That of a young Italian/Brazilian entrepreneur who has succeed in blending two cultures and two very different worlds together. The result is a mix that expresses joy of life and cheerfulness. All the garments are artisanally made with quality materials and characterized by names that recall the regions of Brazil. 
For 40 years, synonymous with the Amalfi Coast and a unique style, fruit of high craftsmanship. Not just a sophisticated beachwear collection, but also outfits perfect for other occasions, from the day to the evening. Elegance and originality come together in outfits that do not pass unnoticed. White is the leading color, expressed in seductive transparencies, lace, and sartorial lines.
Amenapih, or rather Ipanema written backwards, presents Wild, a ready-to-wear collection of ethnic inspiration. Caressed by the summer sun, printed maxi-foulards, T-shirts with Apache symbols and blouses dotted with small studs tell of adventures in faraway lands. A journey in contact with the wildest nature and the freedom to be inspired by wonders of the animal world.